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Indoor air quality equipment that purifies, controls humidity and circulates fresh air

Sales, service and installation of all types of commercial and residential indoor air quality systems. We specialize in whole home air purifiers, humidifiers, high capacity air filtration systems, dehumidifiers, heat recovery ventilators (HRV) and energy recovery ventilators (ERV). Contact us today to begin our free quote process so that we can design a custom air conditioning solution capable of delivering on your unique cooling comfort needs.

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Some of our featured indoor air quality products

Aprilaire Model 865 steam humidifier

Aprilaire Model 865 steam humidifier

  • Aprilaire Humidifiers can help you maintain optimal humidity in your home of 30% – 50% which has been shown to reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to allergies and asthma by minimizing the formation of bacteria and viruses, fungi, and dust mites .
Lennox HRV

Lennox heat recovery ventilator

  • Ideal for homes in cooler regions, a Healthy Climate HRV harnesses heat from inside your home and transfers it to incoming fresh air from outside. This process enhances your comfort and helps control wintertime condensation.
Lennox dehumidifier

Lennox whole-home dehumidifier

  • Dehumidified air feels cooler, so you can set your thermostat at a higher temperature and still feel comfortable. In fact, for every two degrees you raise the temperature during the summer, you can save between 5% and 7% on your cooling bill.
Aprilaire electronic air purifier

Aprilaire electronic air purifier

  • Prevents dust build up in your house.
  • Eliminates airborne bacteria-sized particles and fungi.
  • Removes pet dander and respirable dust, which can trigger asthma.
  • Captures airborne particles the size of tobacco smoke and smog.
Clean Comfort HEPA air cleaner

Clean Comfort HEPA air cleaner

  • HEPA performance – 99.97% removal of airborne particulates 0.3 microns or larger.
  • Carbon Prefilter extends the life of the HEPA filter by removing lint, hair and larger particles from the home’s air.
Clean Comfort UV coil purifier

Clean Comfort® UC Series Ultraviolet Coil Purifiers

  • Employs UV technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and other microbes on the evaporator coil of your heating and cooling system.

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